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Casey Morell is an award-winning journalist.1 His work has appeared in such places as NPR, the BBC World Service, Orlando Weekly, and The Classical. (He’s also been interviewed by Jimmy Fallon, whatever that’s worth.) He’s currently the executive producer and a host of Global Journalist, a weekly public television and radio show that explores international news and free press issues.

Casey is a skilled audio producer, copywriter, editor, and on-air talent. He is a highly driven and motivated individual who will thrive in any newsroom, and he is available for freelance work and other opportunities.

When he’s not telling the world’s stories, Casey enjoys reading and writing fiction, listening to music, watching Manchester United, and making his way through an ever-growing Netflix queue. He is a graduate of New College of Florida2 and of the University of Missouri School of Journalism.3

1. Recipient, First Place Award, Missouri Broadcasters Association (2014, Special Programs Category); Recipient, First Place Award, American Scholastic Press Association (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012) 
2. B.A. (2012), Liberal Arts, focusing in Political Science and International & Area Studies.
3. M.A. (2014), Journalism, focusing in Radio.